CME 1050 drill rig

The CME 1050 is a powerful off-road rig mounted on a balloon tire ATV carrier. It can reach areas inaccessible to truck mounted rigs.

With 28,275 pounds of retract force and up to 14,200 foot pounds of rotary torque, the CME-850 is capable of drilling holes up to 15 inches in diameter using hollow-stem augers.

The 1050 is capable of hollow stem auger, mud or air rotary and angle drilling.

Maximum Torque: 24,000 ft. lbs.
Pulldown: 24,000 ft. lbs.
Retract: 48,000 ft. lbs.

The CME 1050 is equipped with automatic 140 & 360 lb. SPT hammer, wireline system and all the equipment needed to tackle your tough jobs.