CME 850 Tracked drill rig

The CME 850 can get you to locations that are inaccessible to any other type drill rig. The 33 inch wide tracks spread the surface contact area of this all terrain track drill over more than 8,800 square inches. Ground bearing pressure is only 2.5 psi. That is less than the average man's footstep. The CME-850 can go places you can't even walk. The high flotation allows you to negotiate soft mud, deep snow, or sand. And, the walking beam suspension easily climbs over rocks and fallen logs. This rig has a very low center of gravity which provides the stability you need in off road conditions. Angle drilling capability is standard.

With 28,275 pounds of retract force and up to 14,200 foot pounds of rotary torque, the CME-850 is capable of drilling holes up to 15 inches in diameter using hollow-stem augers.