Reynolds Drilling Corporation (RDC), originally formed in 1972 as Reynolds Well Drilling, is now in its 5th decade of providing solid, responsive service to a growing list of clientele. We take pride in our experience as groundwater professionals, environmental specialists, OSHA-trained and USDOT-certified drilling crews and the quality staff of our geotechnical laboratory. From water well installations and maintenance, environmental site assessments, contamination remediation, environmental drilling and monitor well installations, geotechnical investigations, lab testing, landfill gas well installations and site remediation work, we offer you satisfaction and guaranteed results.

Reynolds Well Drilling Merged with AE Exploration in 2000, with an expanded services lineup, including the change over from Concrete to Fiberglass Wells.  In 2003, Reynolds Drilling Corporation acquired the assets and personnel of Tremont Exploration, reinforcing the Test Drilling capabilities.

If you need honesty and reliability, we urge you to try RDC. We offer experienced personnel and work-ready equipment to meet your needs. Send us your scope of work for a fast, friendly, and competitive free estimate.